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We are a dedicated group of experts that are ready to provide any sort of information you can ever need about Vehicles. Cars are mainly our thing and at THE GARAGE, every car is treated with care and love. We can also assist you to procure your next vehicle.


We pride ourselves in the provision of professional services to everyone in need. All anyone needs to do is to reach out to us and all your questions will be answered in a jiffy. We run a forum where people can interact, ask questions, meet each other provide help, and much more.

OUR VISION : To be the foremost car review organization in Africa.

OUR MISSION : To be the foremost organization to come to for information on vehicles.


The Garage is a car review company for car makers, lovers and users. We creatively give you basic information about cars. These information will instruct you about the cars and help you to make objective decisions in choosing your next car. You will know what the cars really are and what to have as well.

We also help car companies to make some noise about their productions to their customers who know and who may not have known equally. We create write-ups, reviews, news, pictures and videos, all about cars to entertain you while giving you proper education about these cars at the same time.


  • Tubosun Olabomi – Operations Manager.
  • Femi Adeniyi – Managing Editor.
  • Olabomi Olujoke – Principal Analyst.
  • Henry Ojo – Production Manager.
  • Bola Jimoh – Associate Producer.
  • Daniel Odeyemi – Post production Manager.