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It turned out that I had the same car as several others around but the only issue was that it didn’t seem like I had the same fuel economy as the others and I got angry every time I fuelled the car. I could have no more after a weekend trip with my brother and his family in their own car to visit my Dad

Need an RV vacation?

Tips for Those Planning RV Trips. Have you finally made your dream of traveling by RV a reality? If you have and if this is your first time looking to plan an RV trip, you may be looking for guidance. Below a number of important tips which focus on planning and preparation are highlighted.

Why are Vintage Cars Special?

When we say vintage cars, we usually think about the great cars and automobiles that were produced about 30 to 40 years ago and maybe even more. Not a lot of them can be seen these days, but there is still some considerable number of them which many car enthusiasts restore, maintain and treasure.