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Car Design and Designers in Nigeria

Nigeria as it were, known as the giant of Africa is actually a giant that needs to stand upright to be seen as a giant in deed even in the production of vehicles.

Car manufacturing from time has been a source of economic growth and job source for people within the companies themselves while other little companies and manufacturing firms rise up beside them. Imagine Peterbilt motors while producing the 387 Titan having 2,000 workers, Aston Martin with 1,400 workers as at the time of building the extremely beautiful One-77, the Porsche Panamera engine having 300 workers in 2 shifts per day, 140 top notch mechanics had what to do in the production of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG and people had to be at the elms of affairs of externally sourced parts. That is how great vehicle producing companies can be to the economic situation of a country.

Some other professionals in the areas of production of parts for the vehicles being manufactured also become gainfully engaged while some others face the production of spare parts. Some of the parts being out sourced could be ranging from engine to turbo systems to exhaust system, electrical system, chromes, rims, tyres et al. all these parts are ably produced by other manufacturers or individuals on the sides. Even in marketing and sales, several persons are kept productive. Imagine the Mini being sold out to about 110 countries of the world. Invariably, a whole lot of persons are kept in commission.

Car production is in levels and phases depending on how every car manufacturing company has decided to lay out their manufacturing processes and their assembly plants. Small volume car companies who may not necessarily use large production or assembly floors also have their own processes of production using some expertise that may not be easily found. Some of them go as far as deploy aerospace technology like Koenigsegg. Some use various types of carbon fibre material which makes the car extremely strong and light like the Lamborghini SIsto Elemento which is Italian for the sixth element on the periodic table with the electronic number 6.

Several car companies also have several car production processes going on in initial draft, pencil designs, research, testing production and even the incorporation of new systems into existing models like a new braking system. This means that work is available at all level per time. The outside sources also have schedules they must never fail on to keep production up. A mini cooper is produced every 58 seconds which means that all production processes and factors must be at play at all work hours. Initial draft or pencil drawings is what dominoes into drawing on specialized computer systems with light pens and all. It is this designed that later goes into clay model and then to wind tunnel test to sort out aerodynamics, sand tunnel.

Gelani Aliyu, a Nigerian from Sokoto who happened to be a senior Creative Designer at General Motors made an epic design of a car, Chevrolet Volt which won an award of the best car design for that year. He was trained outside the country and his white teachers attested to his dexterity. It is said that his designs are heavily influenced by of his humble beginnings in northern Nigeria. Carl Olsen, who was Gelani’s Senior Thesis Project Supervisor spoke highly of him. Upon graduation from college, he was hired by General Motors

Panya Stephen is one of such within the shores of the giant of Africa. A fine young man who loves cars and its designs and has taken time to develop himself and that is what brought about a few designs. He said he made these designs for Innoson Motors some four years ago in a tweet dated 17th Oct, 2019 at 9:31pm. In his own words from the tweet, ‘These are renderings of a sport car I made for @Innosonvehicles 4 years ago. I still have so many ideas to bring to live and I have developed myself so I can remake this model again to make it look much more spectacular’. Making an already made model is what we know as face-lifting in the car world.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing, headed by chief Innocent Chukwuma has made us proud as a nation and has given us home grown vehicles that can stand at par with several others from other nations. All from the great city of Nnewi. Several of them have been used for years within Nigeria and the users can attest to their durability and reliability. They gave us the Utility truck in the class of the Toyota Hilux, Holden Colorado, Mitsubishi Triton, Isuzu Dmax, Nissan Frontier et al. They also gave us a bus in the class of the Toyota Hiace and Nissan NV350, recently, Ikenga and the Seriki.

We literally look forward to getting more high end productions from Innoson Motor.

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