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Car Fuel Consumption

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Someone was comparing the fuel economy of his Ridgeline to that of his ‘muscle’ Camry. The cars would generally not have the same fuel economy because there are a few things that contribute to the fuel consumption level of vehicles asides the engine. Two vehicles with the same engines from the same manufacturer with the same specification may consume fuel differently based on the situations they are subjected to. Some factors that determine your car fuel consumption are: engine capacity, engine technology, gear ratios, aerodynamics, car weight, onboard weight, driver’s driving style, et al. We would touch on them one after the other in subsequent publications.
To the comparison, two cars that are exactly the same from the manufacturer may come with two different engine types. For example, the Hyundai Santa Fe has a 2.4L inline 4 cylinder engine and also a 3.5L V6 engine. The V6 engine will definitely be thirstier than the 4 cylinder engine. It also would deliver more power. The heavier V6 car would burn your tyre faster than the lighter i4 because of its weight. You will find several Nigeria used #Lexus cars for sale; it may interest you that many of those cars won’t have any mechanical issues. The major reason they are for sale is because of their fuel economy and bad tyre management. Some even got it expecting the kind of performance you get from a #BMW car only to find out it is a mirage.
Also note that the heavier your car, the harder it is to control and it gets worse at high speeds. A RWD car would do better with maneuvers than a FWD car. Jeremy Clarkson of TopGear test drove a #Lexus RCF and complained about its weight which made it a wild animal (hard to control).
To the comparison, a Ridgeline with an i4 engine would do great on fuel economy and tyre management than its V6 twin. A Ridgeline with a V6 engine would do greater on immense grunts and agility than its less powered twin and you should be ready for the tyres too. BMW would make a 318, 320, 325…and their M-division would now make an M3 which will come with at least an inline 6 cylinder engine or bigger. It will come as a performance package. The #M3 will accelerate way faster than the other 3 series makes. It will also have a fatter topspeed. It is always made to handle such speed exceptionally well.
You will find out that the cars are basically the same, at least physically but the M3 would be lower, would have some spoiler and some other things that may be jargons to you. A side little journey. BMW only made rear wheel drive cars until recently when they gave us their 1st ever front wheel drive car. Rear wheel drive cars will always be better, more stable and more expensive than front wheel cars. Such a car will slide around in ways not many cars would ever be able to.
Camry cars always have the V6 option as well as the i4 engine option. The i4 is for people who prioritize fuel economy over brute force. If you do lots of long distance trips, the V6 may be your best shot. If faster accelerate and winning others is your style, you should go for the V6 option and be willing to pay the price for that agility. The bigger your engine, the more weight your car has to deal with which the engine capacity would provide power to drive. Part of the weight the engine has to deal with is its own. Ironic right!

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