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December 19, 2021 was the beautiful day BMW club Nigeria and WorkandPlay hosted car folks from all works of life in Nigeria for the Christmas Autofest. Some people flew in and came straight from the airport – shout out to @Ikemzbmw.

He wasn’t going to be on the race for the day but the love of cars and BMW is epic.

Christmas autofest 2021 was live on Akin Adesola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. People came in to enjoy the season in such a grand car style. Racers, drivers, car clubs, bike clubs, super cars, classic cars and several more turned up.

Coscharis Motors as a sponsor had BMW cars on display right in front of the Zenbah where so much fun would be had later on in the evening.

BMW club Nigeria was heavy with several performance BMW machines. 1 series, M2, 3 series, M3, 5 series, M5, 7 series all of them in several options and variants.

The most popular performance BMW car in Nigeria was fully on ground with its easy-to-identify number plate, TH4NOS and its leash holder, Theo Oyinbo Naija. It gave those pops very few cars can attempt not to talk of do. M-bison and Rue were two other number plates on two wild BMW M3 wild beasts. You can’t miss M-BISON with its red eyes to match its red self. Shout out to EDY in his 1-seat M3, some serious weight saving right there!

Mercedes Benz club Nigeria was fully on ground with a lineup of wild beasts. Number plates like DAEMON, RNGDE247, TAFARI…were seen on some of these wild machines – ML 63, C63, C400, C280… Olaoluwa of CarsfromNaija came with his dreads and spoke to Turbo, Renegade didn’t miss out either with his coded number plate on his C–class Merc.

The most popular performance Mercedes Benz car, Godzilla was fully on ground and it was under the leash of the Autodoctor @dautodoc who never failed to let the wild beast give us the pops and blasts from its exhaust.  Godzilla is a tuned E55 AMG and it has a rather hot inscription on its tail that says, ‘Louder than your girlfriend last night’. The Autodoc was here.

The WorkandPlay Tiger was fully on ground and it raced a 6.3L V8 bi-turbo Mercedes Benz GT63 AMG, you wanna see how that went, see here.

Other proper animals at the event are the 2022 bmw M5 convertible, BMW 1 series, an 800hp Jeep Trakhawk, Lamborghini Huracan, a 5.0L V8 turbocharged Jaguar, Mercedes Benz G63, Audi A7, Audi R8, Lexus IS350, Porsche 991 turbo, RangeRover sport, Infinity G37, a modified Toyota Avalon and a V6 Toyota Camry which had the honour of being on the first race of the day. Someone one came to race as anonymous with a brand new Mercedes Benz S550 and he had his security details standing by. Big one right!

The B.A.D. gang came in with the bikers and we make a huge shout out to Balance as she made some intriguing gist with Turbo. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator was brought to live by the bikers as they made a hugely impressive mark on the carfest. Mattey came all out with his BMW K1200 superbike with the number plate MATTEY and he roasted everything that came its way all through the event.

Classic cars came around and they were awesome. A 1974 Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corona, 1967 AMC Rambler, Peugeot 404 station wagon with a table fan on the dash… A bevy of beautiful ladies came to grace the event and we had some car ladies like Autogirl and Ridewithmiee and we had some gist with them.

King of boys was ably represented at the Xmas Autofest as Titi Kuti shows up.

Great people, awesome cars, beautiful ladies, great show, @thegarageng giving you this update. See you around.

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