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Kvyal Comes Atop the Speed Sheet For The Day 3 of The 2019 Pre-Season Testing.

Daniil Kvyat comes tops at the end of the 2019 formula 1 pre-season testing putting Toro Rosso on top of the timesheet with a time of 1m 17.704s for the day after beating Kimi Raikonnen’s long standing fastest time of the day of 1m 17.762s  just 15 minutes to the end of the day. Barcelon seems to be turning up fine for the former Ferrari’s development driver who came to beat ferrari’s time in his Toro Rosso STR14.

Daniil Kvyat came 1st on the time sheet clocking 137 laps and Kimi Raikonnen came up second clocking 138 laps. Daniel Ricciardo for Renault came up in third place with a best time of 1m 18.164s though clocking 80 laps. Sebastian Vettel posted the fastest time of day 1 for Ferrari but came up at fourth for day 3 while clocking 134 laps.

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Williams Racing who had the embarrassment of not being able to be duly represented on the first two days of testing were so delighted to have their FW42 on track on day 3. Being the third most successful team in F1 history and having being able to come in with a car into testing for forty years makes it even worse. George Russel did just 23 laps with a best time of 1m 25.625s.

The British team couldn’t do much on pace as they had to deal with simple checks since they couldn’t start on the first day of testing. There was a genuine sense of relief as the car went out for its first drive on the track and a round of applause wasn’t missing in the Williams’ garage. They still have an issue of the FW 42 being 2 seconds slower than the rivals and having just five days of testing to do the catching up which we feel won’t be that easy.

Haas cars pulled out the red flags four times in three days due to an ignition coil issue detected by the American team. The team principal Gienther Steiner says nothing big broke but they had to stop the runs as the car could no longer run safely. Another issue came up which was an head rest issue that made Kevin Magnussen vacate the driver’s seat for Fittipaldi for the rest of the day but that isn’t a big issue at all as Magnussen will be back almost immediately.

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Mercedes was expected to be pulling some tough numbers but they seem to still be laying low at the bottom of the timesheet or could it be that their W10 isn’t up to it as Hamilton had said that rival’s Ferrari car was very, very strong even though he claimed that their pace wasn’t an issue of worry.

Worthy of note is the fact that Vettel set his best time on the C3 tyres which is the medium compound and not the softest by a long shot while Daniil Kvyat had the softest C5 on to clock his fastest lap which may imply that there could be a lot more coming from the Ferrari especially when they have their softest tyres on. The silver arrow sticking to the bottom of the time sheet may be a strategy to hold on to the softest tyres out of the 110 provided for the season and neither Hamilton nor Bottas seem to be worried at all and they had the second best top speed at 325.9km. Ferrari’s pace is a great deal and if they continue at this rate, they most likely would cross the 1,000 lap mark by the end of play by Thursday.

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Another thing to note is that Toro Rosso may have gone for that fastest time when they had low fuel towards the end of the day which implies lesser weight and also with the softest tyre and we seem not to understand the strategy in that yet. Kimi Raikkonen did the long standing fastest time when he still had a truck load of fuel on board after which he focused on long runs and eventually clocked 138 laps which was the highest for the day. Kimi says the Alfa Romeo is quick without really pushing an they haven’t started pushing yet, just running on all types of tyres to see how they truly are.

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