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F1 Pre-Season Testing: Charles Leclerc comes up tops making Ferrari fastest for second straight day.

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Charles Leclerc of the Ferrari team just came up tops like his team mate Sebastian Vettel on the second day of the 2019 pre-season testing. This could be a strong statement from the Ferrari team about how they intend to put their foot down for the 2019 Formula 1 season. Whatever their mechanics may have made into their car seem to be working seriously and since there have been no reliability issues as well, Ferrari may just be heading towards a delicious 2019 season. Their pace may just be so exceptional and we are waiting to hear from the silver arrows. Charles Leclerc ending up nearly three-tenths quicker than anyone else as the team finished fastest and with the highest number of laps put at 157 for the second day running.

Charles Leclerc is having a great time already as he starts his first pre-season test with the Scuderia team. He put in his best time in the pre-lunch session after which he turned up with some lengthy run paces later into the day hitting an immense 157 laps which turned out to be the largest coming from any driver.

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McLaren’s Lando Norris came in with an impressive second position with a lap just 0.306s slower than Leclerc’s pace. Haas’ Kevin Magnussen got in with another impressive result for the team for another intriguing day. With third his result as third fastest just like his team mate Romain Grosjean  the previous day.

Toro Rosso’s Alexander Albon came in with the fourth position. We recall that he had a bad start the previous day as he spun out shortly after he started his run. Alfa Romeo’s Antonio Giovinazzi came in fifth after Albon.

Pierre Gasly being the new team mate to Max Verstappen in their Red Bull RB15 had a bad afternoon as he spun into the barriers at turn 13 pulling off his rear wing. Daniel Ricciardo also had rear wing issues even though he didn’t run into any barriers whatsoever but the rear wing chose to fly off of its own accord. We also recall that Daniel Ricciardo moved from Red Bull to Renault and Pierre Gasly moved to Red Bull as the new team mate to Verstappen. The Australian was fortunate not to have ran into any barriers as he was blasting down the straights when the rear wing flew off. His team mate Nico Hulkenberg came up to do the long running to see how much they could catch up with lost time.

Long and short of it for the second day of pre-season testing, Ferrari sticks to the top making it top position for two consecutive days. We hope to get some high note news from the little bird about their rivals. We also will be watching if the Red cars will just stick to the VIP seats in front while the others stay in the general spaces or will they eventually have some competitions. We’ll be here to let you in on what we find out.

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