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F1 Pre-Season Testing: Sebastian Vettel comes tops at the end of day 1

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Sebastian Vettel was able to finish at the top of every other driver after the end of the first day of the Formular 1 2019 Pre- season testing.

Vettel was able to finish tops and also as the fastest driver in his SF90. He had a time of 1.18.161s. He was one of the only two drivers who were able to lap the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in less than 79 seconds. The German also had a minor spin. He also has the longest distance covered so far at 169 laps.

Carlos Sainz with McLaren was a stunner too as he came up second (P2). He made a whooping 119 laps which is huge by any measure and also noting that only 51 laps was clocked last year at the pre-season testing with Fernando Alonso at the wheels. It is already a high one for Sainz and much more would be expected as we move ahead into the 2019 season. He may have been able to cover more distance if not for his car loosing drive at a point and had to be pushed back to the pits. It turned out that it was just a cable that wasn’t so connected which implies that there are no reliability issues. The balance issues noted are being worked on we believe.

Romain Grosjean with Haas was a big boy too as he came out third fastest. Max Verstappen had a great day in his Honda powered Red Bull and he came in fourth place in his RB15.

Kimi Raikkonen finished 5th after running into the gravel trap in his C38 just about five minutes into the testing which definitely ate into his time. He came up to be very happy with his day work and that is no surprise seeing the position he got and the number of laps he was able to do – 114. It seems Alfa Romeo is really up for this season as he makes way for Antonio Giovinazzi

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Reigning champion Lewis Hamilton couldn’t get into his Mercedes until later in the noon and he eventually finished in 9th place. He and his team mate, Valterri Bottas were able to make 150 laps without any issues whatsoever. turns out that their pace could be better but handling seems of no issues. Bottas did 69 laps with no major issues and they were able to improve the balance of the W10 as the testing went on. it was pretty clear that the W10 feels a lot different from that of the previous season. Daniel Ricciardo also got in his R.S. 19 challenger after lunch and came in 11th place.

Williams couldn’t come on track because their challenger seemed very much not ready for the run. So much is expected of Robert Kubica as many are waiting to see what he comes in with after he had to take a leave from Formula 1 in 2010. We do hope that his first appearance on track will be noteworthy.

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