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Formula 1 2019 First Pre-Season Tests ends with several turns to it.

Winter went great with testing and several intriguing situations occurred from highs to lows.

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Sebastian Vettel’s SF90 challenger fastest at the Formula 1 2019 pre-season testing

Ferrari had their name flying high through the four days of testing while Charles Leclerc of the prancing horse team isn’t carried away by the good numbers accorded them. They were able to clock 598 laps which the reigning champions who didn’t fly as high as expected clocking up an unexpected 610 laps.  One interesting thing is that anyone would have expected that it would be hard to settle down into such a big team but the Monegasque just did it so nicely and calmly and also clocking 295 laps which is only 12 lesser than those of the current champion.

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Alfa Romeo team had a wonderful time at testing which was a great outcome for Kimi Raikkonen who made bold to say that they have made a big step in relation to the sauber he drove in the 2018 season. His team mate Antonio Giovinazzi who graduated from Ferrari driver academy also fits in well enough.

Team Williams didn’t have it all their way as their car came in more than two days late which ate into their time and didn’t allow for all they would have been able to achieve. They have just 88 laps to their name which may never be recovered from eventually. Robert Kubica just coming back to Formula 1 since 2010 with Williams along with Formula 2 champion George Russel having his first real time Formula 1 on a low note may be a bit dampening knowing fully well that Williams had arguably the worst season ever last year. The duo having to work up the team may be having some worries in their mind about the season even with their FW42 being said to be a whole 2 seconds slower than their rival’s.

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Racing point didn’t do too well at the testing as they were able to clock a meager 248 laps which is only huge enough to be more than that of Williams. They couldn’t get much out of their car which shows that there is still much to do which may hamper their performance at Melbourne.

HAAS team had a start that seemed like they were out to put their foot down the big way only to have some glitches that held them back a bit. The VF19 spent some time at a spot on track and some more time on the back of a flatbed truck.

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Front Wings Analysis: The difference in Designs in Team cars for the 2019 Season.

The 2019 season comes in with a new set of regulations which have no doubt impacted heavily on the teams and their preparations. The front wing for example has changed dimensions as it is now wider, higher and way simpler. That is in the bid to save drivers from losing grip when close up to another car in front of them. This new regulation brings several designs from various teams. Increased fuel allowance from 105kg to 110kg which allows the drivers to push more which means they will be less bothered by fuel saving and also stronger helmets from the new season onwards. 80kg is the specified driver weight as any driver who has less than this could be benefitting from the less weight but ballast have been giving to each team to make up their 80kg so that heavier drivers are not at weight disadvantage. The ballasts are also to be used in the cockpit area such that teams do not use it to improve the balance of their cars. Biometric gloves are also included to read driver’s vital medical data before, during and after a crash. Tyre colours have been revised too and so it is easier for everyone to understand them from the hardest C1 to the softest C5.

Mclaren team members were involved in a mild fire accident in their garage while having a private filming.

A little fire broke out and was quickly extinguished. Three members of the team were quickly seen to the medical Centre and were out almost immediately. The Williams team had a fire break out at Barcelona in 2012 at the Spanish Grand Prix.

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