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Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix.

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Lewis Hamilton secures pole in Australia today in second place led only by his own teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

Hamilton had an issue with his car but he managed on to get to the chequered flag. He finished 20.886s behind his teammate. It turned out that he had to drive below par to save the tyres while he had floor damage in his w10. As much as Hamilton would have loved to lead the win for his team, he felt it was a good beginning as Bottas claimed 26 points while he claimed 18 points making a total of 44 which is a great outcome. Note that Ferrari had 12 points from Vettel and 10 points from Leclerc which makes 22 points for Ferrari which is exactly half of what Mercedes garnered. It is worthy of note that Bottas scored extra point for pitching the fastest lap of the race.

Bottas was so red hot that he radioed the Mercedes pit if he could come in for fresh tyres in order to fire at setting the fastest lap. Mercedes declined his request only for the Finn to still earn some extra marks for the fastest lap he wanted. Bottas also spew out some foul words on the ecstasy of his performance at some folks who may have done or said something against him about his driving. Results always win unarguably. What a weekend for Valtteri Bottas and the Mercedes team!

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Daniel Ricciardo had a bad beginning as his front wing pulled off just 5 seconds into the race as he took to the grasses as he approached turn 1. The Autralian said everything happened too quickly. It is so much of bad luck for Ricciardo being on home soil and it isn’t the first time he is hitting bad luck on home soil.. It would be termed ‘the village people at work’ here in Nigeria. He said he was frustrated as everyone expected so much.

McLaren’s Carlos Sainz had a sweet move from P18 as he climbed by 3three spots only to have his MCL34 running some fireworks while on the 11th lap.

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Max Verstappen was pulling some heavy weight in his Honda powered Red bull and he eventually was able to make podium. It was the first time Max will be claiming a podium in Australia ever and also putting Honda on it since the 2008 British Grand Prix. Note that Honda had powered some cars even though the teams had to let them go but with what Max pulled off at Melbourne, Honda may be in the game fully. Max said it wasn’t easy to get past Ferrari here and he is so happy to have pulled it off speaking of Sebastian Vettel and also chase down Lewis who is the current world champion for second. We think Max has something for the champ as he did some rough drives on him in the 2018 season. He also said when asked that he did it because he had nothing to lose while Lewis had everything to lose. Apparently, Lewis let him go

Max’s boss Christian Horner thinks they have over performed since the Honda powered livery is delivering power and reliability properly. He also feels good that Max was able to use it to overtake a Ferrari and also put Lewis under pressure which shows that they have a faster car than Lewis. His teammate however asked their engineer why they were so slow.

Formula 1 Rolex Australia Grand Prix 2019 Race Standing

Pos No Driver Car Laps Time/Retired PTS
1 77 Valtteri Bottas Mercedes 58 1:25:27.325 26
2 44 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 58 +20.886s 18
3 33 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing Honda 58 +22.520s 15
4 5 Sebastian Vettel Ferrari 58 +57.109s 12
5 16 Charles Leclerc Ferrari 58 +58.230s 10
6 20 Kevin Magnussen Haas Ferrari 58 +87.156s 8
7 27 Nico Hulkenberg Renault 57 +1 lap 6
8 7 Kimi Räikkönen Alfa Romeo Racing Ferrari 57 +1 lap 4
9 18 Lance Stroll Racing Point BWT Mercedes 57 +1 lap 2
10 26 Daniil Kvyat Scuderia Toro Rosso Honda 57 +1 lap 1

Positions one to ten is held with points from 26 which Valtteri Bottas holds down to one which Daniil Kvyat holds. Everyone behind or below them has scored no point in this season yet. The Williams racing team hasn’t seem to find their foot yet but much may still come if they man up quickly enough. All teams and drivers are expected to be back in Europe to debrief on the opening race as they prepare to meet up in less than 2 weeks for the Bahrain Grand Prix in Sakhir. Bahrain will definitely be a different one entirely as they will have to contend with properly hot temperatures and the tyres will suffer some more immense grunts on the heating tracks. We also hope they will hand us some sweet overtakings too.

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