A sporty driver or car enthusiast might be naturally drawn to Manual gears. Most times, it gives a relic feel simillar to finding fossils and you are just all happy. However, automatic gears continue to be a development on every advantage a many gear may have had over the years. Change is necessary and science gave us auto gears, if used rightly and maintained in an appropriate way, you can have them out last a simillar manual gear. There is a chance that manual gears can be exposed to harsh driving conditions and bad early shifting that rubs on the efficiency of the clutch and gear system in general, automatic transmissions for example helps eliminate this by taking several driving factors into condition before deciding to downshift or upshift. Superior auto systems take your driving pattern into consideration and store details on your cars ECM to give a desired shifting gear ratio that it has learned over a period, thereby protecting your expectations and itself from surprises. Paddle shifters are not toys as well, you wanna drive manual in an auto gear, you still need to learn the range of rpm shifting ratios which is simillar to your manual transmission. The moment your car determines that you are fumbling and before ruining the assembly, it kicks back to auto for you.
I for one love traditional manual gears but with the developments on auto and semi auto transmissions, I can still achieve a lot more of my manual drive escapades in the auto if you learn to use it well and adapt to it. I own auto cars with paddle shifters where you can select the option of going entirely sport and manual and the concentration it requires is still comparable to driving a regular manual gear.