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    Daniel Abayomi

    Everything about gears, manual, auto, repairs, procurement et al. Well, we would not be writing much on the terminologies that many would not be able to relate with and we would be open to experiences, advice, views and opinions.

    Basically on gears whether you would prefer automatic gear to manual is one thing we would love to hear from you and why. We also intend to highlight the pros and cons of both as it may apply to several people from different works of life.

    Manual gear had been the gear everyone knew from time before the automatic gear crept in to include handicaps into the fun of driving and making them ‘handi-capables’. Manual transmission was one point that made some fat egos for some drivers to brag on knowing fully well not everyone could just jump into a car a drive and several of them still talk down on drivers who drive only automatic cars…like we don’t too.

    It turned out overtime that people saw the ease of driving the automatic over the manual gear while some others said the automatic was too dull and could make you sleep on a journey especially if you are on air conditioning. Others said it was sweeter to just push your automatic transmission into ‘D’ position and enjoy the ride. Others said the automatic transmission always uses more fuel than the manual to which we agree. Those for the manual transmission said you only had to give your car the gear command to put down your foot and fire out while the auto would be scouting out gears thereby losing some precious time, the race drivers agreed to that fact which is what makes them stick to their manual transmissions and also the paddle shift gears which are also glorified manuals as you still have to shift your gears manually.

    Reliability and repairs as the car ages varies as manual stands longer time of durability than auto and if your ignition, kick starter, key, battery or even gear oil gets out of good form, you could bump-start your manual car and zoom off while any of these is a major issue for the automatic. The manual shift guys would be having a filled day on this except for the fact that several people would stick to the automatic gear for the sake of ‘automatic’, ease of driving, lesser time to learn driving itself even if it produces pretty bad drivers who eventually would not be able to drive the stick shift and also for quick resale. Car dealers even avoid manual cars because not everyone wants a manual car these days. Let us know what you think about any or all of this and discuss your points as well.

    Drive safely all the way.

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    A sporty driver or car enthusiast might be naturally drawn to Manual gears. Most times, it gives a relic feel simillar to finding fossils and you are just all happy. However, automatic gears continue to be a development on every advantage a many gear may have had over the years. Change is necessary and science gave us auto gears, if used rightly and maintained in an appropriate way, you can have them out last a simillar manual gear. There is a chance that manual gears can be exposed to harsh driving conditions and bad early shifting that rubs on the efficiency of the clutch and gear system in general, automatic transmissions for example helps eliminate this by taking several driving factors into condition before deciding to downshift or upshift. Superior auto systems take your driving pattern into consideration and store details on your cars ECM to give a desired shifting gear ratio that it has learned over a period, thereby protecting your expectations and itself from surprises. Paddle shifters are not toys as well, you wanna drive manual in an auto gear, you still need to learn the range of rpm shifting ratios which is simillar to your manual transmission. The moment your car determines that you are fumbling and before ruining the assembly, it kicks back to auto for you.
    I for one love traditional manual gears but with the developments on auto and semi auto transmissions, I can still achieve a lot more of my manual drive escapades in the auto if you learn to use it well and adapt to it. I own auto cars with paddle shifters where you can select the option of going entirely sport and manual and the concentration it requires is still comparable to driving a regular manual gear.

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    I won’t say much. I just can’t vote for a manual car again in this 21st century. The automatic gear is just superior in every way. Thanks

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    I currently drive manual and have come to love it. Auto is good too, but prefers manual as it engages my four limbs. And there is the write-up, the ability to jump start which is lacking in Autos.

    The only negative for me is driving in slow traffic, my legs especially get to do more work due to the stops.

    Both are good but if I have to choose one, you know what it is.

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