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The Geneva motor show is one of the biggest events circled around automobiles. There are several auto shows that unveil vehicles as well but there are factors in favour of the Geneva Motor Show through the year. This year focuses on SUVs and electric cars and in some cases a combination of the two.

Citroën having been here for 100 years doesn’t seem to be relenting on innovation towards mobility. 2019 Geneva Motor Show had them in attendance, unveiling the Ami One Concept.

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This one is accessible to all and sundry without the need for a driver’s license. It implies that at the age of 16, you could have a car that is technically not a car- hopefully, legal legislation will not go against its use as students could ditch their scooters, bikes and bicycles and ride in style. It also comes with a special mobile app that users use to relate with their toy which also provides a portal of services that helps through every single journey. It simply allows you to check out your toy on your mobile phone and the app also would dialogue with you and you could change your onboard settings and it is voice controlled.

This cute little toy also accords you freedom of movement on any roads in its nimbleness with just 2.5m length, 1.5m width and height of 1.5m and its weight at 425kg. It is also all electric which implies that fuel budget won’t be necessary. It also comes with a sitting arrangement for two, just like the fuel guzzling dream machines. It is also equipped with 5W Bluetooth portable speaker which soothes your trips and is easy to install, a charging cable compatible with iOS and Android, a silicone smartphone case developed in partnership with the Bone brand offering maximum protection for dropped devices.

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There is a Charging Pass that enables drivers of electric vehicles to locate and access electric charging stations compatible with their vehicle. It also guarantees a silent ride thanks to the electric source of power though it has its own sound signature for those who recognize cars by ear.

The Ami One Concept is designed to stun and turn eyes in its robust body design and lighting. It also has doors that are absolutely the same which implies that they open differently- one (the driver’s door) opens towards the front because it is rear hinged and the other opens towards the back because it is front hinged. It also has identical front and rear bumpers. It has two-tier light in front end. It also has its 2D logo on the lacquered black surface. It also has an open-top configuration to give you the wind power flowing through your air like the soft top convertibles even though it opens manually- automatic on this production would be pointless anyways.

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