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General Motors in a recent announcement said the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand retires.  They also made it clear that they are beginning work with their partners across Australia and New Zealand to implement an orderly transition which will include support for existing customers.

Holden will still be available to support customers in the following areas:

  • Honouring of all existing warranties and guarantees.
  • Honouring of all free scheduled servicing offers.
  • Call centre support.
  • Provision of servicing and spare parts for at least 10 years through national aftersales networks in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Recalls or safety issues if they arise.

Apparently, there is a new car market showing up in these geographical regions which GM thinks to be competitive in would require some investments which they aren’t willing to go through with. Australia is known for the right-hand-drive cars whose market is being seriously fragmented. The fact that this brand only feeds these two regions which is less than one percent of the global car market is a major reason behind this situation.

Things took a speedy downward for the Marque in 2017 and the company had to make do with rebadged GM vehicles and Opel. GM will focus on its international strongholds like South America, Middle East and South Korea and some other regions like Japan, Russia and Europe.

We currently do not know what GM vehicles would be coming into these regions but we hope to get this information as soon as it comes up. The fate of Redbull racing which is also part of Holden’s area of activity is another thing we hope to soon be informed about.

Holden was founded in 1856 in Adelaide, Australia and after about 160 years, it all runs to a halt. We also know that GM has other car lines that are still actively in commission. We only hope some great occurrences come out of this.

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