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I spoke to several people about wanting a car. I would need ample room in the car. I wanted high mileage to the gallon so, fuel economy was a major and since I wouldn’t be travelling often, it may as well go into consideration in deciding what to own.

I chose this particular 2005 Toyota Camry despite other makes that fell within my price and search range basically because I had seen it with several other folks around.

It turned out that I had the same car as several others around but the only issue was that it didn’t seem like I had the same fuel economy as the others and I got angry every time I fuelled the car. I could have no more after a weekend trip with my brother and his family in their own car to visit my Dad. Our fuel gauges were both on red and we fuelled at the same filling station buying the same amount of fuel. I knew it couldn’t get all the way from Lagos to Ada, some town in Osun State but I bought the same amount of petrol as he was saying it was enough to get them to our destination.

My fuel guage reserve light came on somewhere around Ode-omu on some pretty rough terrain. I had to drive on red till I got to a good filling station inside Osogbo. The annoying thing was that my brother just parked on a side of the road as I drove into the station to refuel- he didn’t need extra fuel like I needed. To add salt to injury, he had all his windows up throughout the trip which I couldn’t dare even though my air conditioning was in great condition. We got to our destinations through some twisty roads that didn’t allow for much speed and we eventually got to my Dad. His children ran to meet their grandpa while my able bodied children just dragged. To say the least, they were pretty dirty and exhausted. I avoided greeting friends around partly because I was angry and partly because of the cost of fuelling. It even seemed my tyre threads disappeared faster.

I put up the car for sale and everyone avoided it like a plague and it seemed they knew something I didn’t, V6 or fuel issues. Seemed like the joke had been on me ever since.

Can anyone just explain to me what really happened because my car burnt my money and I burnt it…not exactly. I gave it up for a pretty bad price and it was such a relief.

ANS: Imagine 6 able bodied men carrying a coffin and its occupant. They could dance, turn and move around quite easily. See the coffin and the 6 strong men as your V6 engine car.

Imagine only 4 of them carrying the same coffin, obviously, they’d be slower, their dancing would reduce and their turning will be less dramatic and they’d get tired faster. See them as your inline 4 cylinder car.

Basically, your V6 engine has more power just like the 6 strong men. More weight which implies that your tyres would wear out (a heavy man will wear out his shoes faster than a light man on the same pair of shoes), it will be more agile therefore, would burn more fuel – afterall, 6 strong men should eat more than 4 strong men.

Assuming they all had 10hp individually, 6 would make 60hp and 4 would make 40hp. Which do you think will have more power and definitely more fuel (food)?

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