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Cars from time immemorial have come and gone with varying technologies per time. Some techs came as new and were not quickly accepted only to become major requirements later on. We will be discussing 10 of them right here:

  1. Carburetor: That is where combustion is made to generate power to move your vehicle. It used to be covered by a black round metallic case with a long arm right on top of the engine. It was as much of a pain as it was needed until the injector kicked it out of the way. The carburetor tried to upgrade severally. It had glass covers you could see your fuel in at a time, it had double combustion chamber at another time, it also became electric at some other time. Whenever your fuel ran out, you had to suck out the fuel with your mouth and spit on the carburetor to start the car or jump it – quite messy. We do not miss this obsolete invention at all.
  2. Fuel pumps: Cars didn’t have fuel pumps in time past. It implied that once your car ran out of fuel, you had to get a mechanic if you couldn’t suck the fuel with your mouth. You could also leave a little in the can you got fuel with to spill on the carburetor to start the car. One thing you would find is a transparent filter. Worthy of note is the fact that letting your car run out of fuel often will mess up your fuel pump these days and you won’t enjoy the outcome either.
  1. Manual windows: Back in the days, you rolled up and down your window with your arm powered by your energy. A lot of people did not accept the power windows when they first came because they were not sure about its durability and ease of repair. There fears were justified for a short while but those days are behind us now that we have properly reliable power windows.
  2. Air conditioners: These were not in cars originally. Some even had table fans installed in them. Heavy duty and earth moving machineries now come with air conditioning. Who actually wants a car without air conditioning these days?
  1. Manual transmission (gear): Cars originally came with proper manual transmission systems. Some had 3-speed manual transmission and some upgrade brought 4-speed and then 5 and the 6 and more. Initially, people did not enjoy the automatic transmission system because they were dim-witted, slow and less responsive. They also consumed more fuel. To add salt to injury, they were not long lasting and repairs were always tough, time and resources consuming which mostly ended in converting the car to the more reliable manual transmission or worse still, abandoning the car. Automatic cars are everywhere now and car dealers would tell you how hard it can be to sell a manual car these days. Worthy of note is that if you would own or drive a performance car, dream machine, supercar or sport car, you have to know how to rock a manual transmission.
  2. Alloy rims: These were stuffs of science fiction way back. They are beautiful and they gave better control of the cars as they were lighter than the steel rims which implies better ratio of sprung to unsprung weight of the cars. The issue to contend with is that they could break if ran hard into something hard or a pothole and once they cracked or broke, they could only be replaced. Many people are on the side of alloy rims these days. Koenigsegg made extremely light rims utterly of carbon fibre for the Koenigsegg Jesko. Christian Von Koenigsegg himself lifted one with a finger and it was mind boggling for TopGear’s Jack Rix. The only issue is that carbon fibre never comes cheap.
  3. Cassette players: Cassette players were upgrades of the manually tuned car radio. Radio antennae were also in levels. By the time cassette players turned up, they made those who could acquire them feel exclusive. Once your cassette finished playing a side, you eject it manually and slot in the other way to play the other side. Later on, 2-way cassette players came and then, the advent of the compact disc (CD). Then, the auxiliary system that allows you to connect your phone to the speakers of your car and then, the Bluetooth. Some dream machines actually have spots for your phone to fit in and serve as your console. Goodbye cassette player.
  4. Power steering: Our parents drove and got fit – no need to visit a gymnasium because there were no power steering systems to aid you in turning your wheels. Any car without power steering is not getting sold these days. Interestingly, power steering systems have got some upgrades which is why you don’t find the power steering fluid cup under some bonnets – electric steering.
  5. Power side mirrors: To set your side mirrors, you had to reach out from inside your car to grab your side mirror intuitively. You sit back to check if it is well set and if not, you go back out to reset until it is fine or you gave up. Today, you simply push a 4-directional button from the comfort of the interior of your car. Some side mirrors even fold themselves around the car. Interestingly, power side mirrors are gradually going into extinction as side cameras have begun to take their place.
  1. Keyless entry: In those days, you simply stuck your car key in the keyhole on the door and turned it to lock or unlock your door. Those days are gone as you simply lock and unlock your cars with the push of a button on your remote control. In fact, some cars read the key fob with you and unlock themselves when you are close enough and also lock up when you get far enough. Some will even open up when they read a combination of your key fob and your phone and unlock your car and even set your car seat to your saved settings.

These are the top 10 technologies that are way behind us now in cars and there are much more. You can add yours in the comment section below.

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