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Rolls Royce Motors Nigeria on Saturday the 28th of August, 2021 had some media friends gather at the Azuri towers inside the new Eko Atlantic city for an exclusive event called “THE ROLLS-ROYCE CULLINAN MEDIA RIDE and DRIVE” event.

Mr Abiona Babarinde who is the General Manager, Marketing and Corporate Communications, Coscharis Motors welcomed everyone on behalf of Rolls-Royce motorcars Lagos and Coscharis Motors to the event being a Saturday which could have been a day with family just to experience the luxury Sport Utility Vehicle. He said that the event was to make people feel the first SUV from the Luxury brand.

Mike, Marketing Communications Executive, Rolls-Royce.

He introduced his crew members starting from Mike who is the marketing communications executive for Rolls-Royce Motorcars Lagos; Tehilah who is the sales executive for the Rolls-Royce brand; Tolu, the Business Manager who helps people get the luxury life; Mike, the ownership Services Manager for Rolls-Royce.

Mr. Dapo of Azuri Towers.

He also introduced the host for the event at Azuri Towers, Mr Dapo, Uche, Esther and the Media partners present by their representatives including Tubosun from The Garage, Moses from City Business news, Kayode, Bernett and Caleb from Business Day, Moses from The Sun, Babatunde and Abimbola from Autojosh, Ladi from Supercars of Nigeria, Rotimi from Motoring world, Abdulateef from Daily Trust, Funke from The Luxury reporters Magazine. He said it was about having the experience of the Rolls –Royce Cullinan. He said that the venue was picked deliberately so that the people could experience the car through on and off-road terrains. We would all go out to the city to experience the Cullinan and then return to the towers to discuss clarifications, questions, answers, commendations, advice, et al which goes to the sales team and aftersales team. He thanked everyone for sharing a part of their Saturday with the brand and then handed over to Tolu who took us around and inside the car.

Tolu took us around the SUV saying that it is the Rolls-Royce of SUVs and it is the only SUV in the world with coach doors. He says it was built to out-market the Bentayga and that it has been a success so far. This particular model is a 2021 which has the silver satin hood finish and a gold Spirit of Ecstasy logo sitting gorgeously atop it. Along the coach is the hot spur red coach lining (which we reckon is the signature coach line of Mark Court and his squirrel hair brushes) and the alloy rims which are shadow rims and that is because they have two shades of black. The interior is bespoke with two interesting colours which are hot spur red and black which goes with the diamond black to make it pop. He says you have to take note of the colours that complement one another when configuring a Rolls-Royce.

This particular Cullinan has a star-light headliner with about 1,200 fibre-optics that give beauty, opulence, elegance and so much more. This actually has curtains for the rear windows with their controls on the doors – that colour can be chosen. The umbrellas in the door panels of the luxury SUV was also showcased moreso that it has piano black on it as it is in the car. The vehicle also has the 360⁰ camera view and the locations of the cameras were pointed out. He also showcased how the doors can open and close at the push of some buttons inside as well as the finger double swipe on the finger sensitive miniature flush buttons on the doors.

Once the detour of the car was done, the media partners had their fun time driving the massive luxury SUV on the various terrains at the Eko Atlantic city. The large and heavy luxury SUV felt way lighter than expected and the suspension system was not disappointing to say the least. The 6.75L twin-turbo V12 power house propelled it as though it were a stone in a catapult – a performance of class you could say. The interior was absolutely exquisite. Sitting in the driver’s seat driving the Cullinan, Turbo said he could see the reason why it was made. You could feel the spirit of ecstasy staying at the tippy top of your direction and the positioning it gives is nothing short of vantage. Watching the Pantheon grille as the SUV approaches would give that optical illusion of straightness at any angle. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan is indeed a luxury SUV of class and as it is the most capable Rolls-Royce made, we know it would hold its space in the Nigerian market. We dare to say that we look out for another which would fight for that space with it worthily.

After a fun time out with the Cullinan, the media friends went into the Azuri Towers with the Rolls-Royce crew. After welcoming everyone back, Mr. Abiona called on Dapo to give us an insight into the Azuri towers where the media friends were hosted.

Mr. Dapo gave us an introduction to the Azuri Towers. He showed us the passage through which we got in from the model. He also explained there are four levels of parking spread out all 13,500 Square metres which guarantees that they can park a thousand cars conveniently. There are 130 apartments. There is a podium which is considered the 5th floor and it houses the swimming pool. However, the swimming pool has been moved from the fore to the centre of two of the triplet buildings because the initial one it faces has now been designated as a commercial building while the others stay as residential buildings. The residency starts at the 6th floor since the first four levels are for packing and the 5th floor is the podium. One of the high-rise buildings is Azuri which is as of today the tallest residential tower in West Africa and the second tallest building in Nigeria at 145 metres tall and the only building taller than it is the Nitel building which can be seen from the tower. He humorously said that the Nitel tower is cheating because the mast that was placed on it made it taller than the Azuri tower 1.

The prime building has 4 bedroom apartments at 501 square metres each which is one plot of land. The 27th floor to the 30th floor are single floor apartments at 1,041 square metres each which implies two plots of land designated 6 bedrooms and 4 boys’ quarters. The pent house seats across 3 floors at 2,400 square metres with a private swimming pool on the 32nd floor. The starting price for the 4-bedrooms in this building is $2.4m with a $50,000 escalation as you go up.

Azuri 2 is right behind Azuri 1 and it has smaller units of four bedrooms and three bedrooms at 228 square metres and 156 square metres respectively. This means two 4-bedrooms at the front and two 3-bedrooms at the back which means four apartments on every floor from the 6th floor to the 28th floor. The top floor is a simplex apartment which is an entire floor at 856 square metres. A 3-bedroom on any floor here is at $1m and a 4-bedroom starts at $4.2m on any floor. There are state of the art facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, squash courts, theatres, private clubs, and 450 boats can berth here. Boat clubs, Jet Ski club, golf club and such are the target for the ecosystem that is being created here.

There is a 10-year mortgage plan with Access bank and if you pay up within the first five years, it would be at zero percent interest rate. However, if you have a mortgage facility through your bank, it is welcome except that they won’t be offering it at zero percent interest rate. He says that the whole project will be completed by June of 2022 which is barely 10 months away. The commercial tower will be open by December 2021 – that’s about 4 months away. The commercial building has 2 floors and 29 of those are commercial. 21 of those have been sold already which means that there are just 8 left and those are being bargained upon as at this day. However, you can’t just walk in and buy because you’d be profiled and proven to the lawyers and the board before you would be able to have one of these luxury apartments.

Once Mr. Dapo was done with the introduction of the Azuri Towers, Mr. Abiona Babarinde had a chat with the media representatives and some consumables were worked on as the discussion about the Rolls-Royce Cullinan was concluded upon. “THE ROLLS-ROYCE CULLINAN MEDIA RIDE and DRIVE” event was a success.

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