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Is ‘topping off’ when the gas pump stops by itself while fueling?

  • 2 min read

If the fuel nozzle clicks off before your tank is full and it happens often regardless of what station or
pump you are using, then there is something wrong with your tank’s evaporative emissions system and
you should check it out.

My fuel depletes faster when my fuel gauge is near empty?

  • 2 min read

Some manufacturers purposely set their fuel gauges so that the gauge moves slower from full to 1/2
tank on the gauge than it does for 1/2 to empty on the gauge. You may have noticed that several fuel
gauges once full and in use seem to not want to leave the ‘full’ area….


  • 4 min read

It turned out that I had the same car as several others around but the only issue was that it didn’t seem like I had the same fuel economy as the others and I got angry every time I fuelled the car. I could have no more after a weekend trip with my brother and his family in their own car to visit my Dad