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Virtually everyone dreams to own a car of their own and some others want SUVs. The choice differences come along even as we have differences in preferences when it comes to one another. We will be reviewing a vehicle for those who want SUVs for their ride height advantages and other SUV-inclined advantages while keeping a nimble enough size and probably a decent fuel economy fit for a family sedan.

There are several nimble SUVs that would fit into this category talking about the Suzuki Vitara, Peugeot 3008, Honda CRV, Nissan X-trail, Nissan Juke, Dodge Caliber, et al. we will be relating with the Toyota Rav4 on this review. We have several people asking interesting questions about this car and we decided to try to give them answers to the quizzes.

The Rav4 is a beautifully sculptured compact (small) SUV from the Japanese auto maker, Toyota. It comes with two engine options of either an inline 4 cylinder or a V6 engine depending on what you want.  Both engines are mated to automatic transmission systems. Those who want a cool and calm ride and no requirements for much engine grunts normally go for the smaller engine while those who want more power within reach go for the higher powered V6 options.  You also have options of either a front wheel drive or a 4 –wheel drive. The name RAV4 means Recreational Activity Vehicle 4 wheel drive.

There are various trims of this vehicle ranging from the base edition (which usually comes with fabric interior and steel rims) to Sport Edition to the Limited edition. They mostly have their tyres on their rear doors except in some other trims made for some specific regions. The exterior of this model (2010) is the same running in the generation from 2003 even though a few things both on the interior and the exterior have been revised. You notice a facelift and some upgrades on all lights.

The interior has a lot of things upgraded from the dash board to the centre console and even to the seen and unseen electrical system. You even get a push start/stop button in some limited editions. The glove box has a top compartment unlike the single compartment you got in the previous generations. The entire air conditioning system and outlook has been totally revised. The steering wheel also comes with better on-wheel audio control buttons.

It is quite loved but not extensively bought like some others from the same auto maker or some other classes of vehicles from other makers either. That has to do with some factors which we would analyze. Several people notice that it usually has the same price range as the larger Toyota Highlander and tyre sizes are the same as well. Some feel it is not as stable as an suv should be on the road. Some others feel it is a vehicle for ladies while some ladies who many believe should rock it even want large trucks. Our TV star Omotola Jolaade has been known to roll in trucks. We would be watching to see when we would find her riding in one of these.

There are several other compact SUVs on the premium side like the BMW X2 M35i, Jaguar F-Pace and the LandRover Evoque P300

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