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Two drive trains will be available and we think both will serve different kinds of people and different kinds of driving needs.

Hyundai Motors Company gives us the Hyundai vehicles and Kia motors and also run the Genesis which was created in 2015 as the luxury brand from the South Korean auto maker. They are offering us a brand new suv from the Genesis brand. The intriguing thing about it is that this is an all new suv as this is the brand’s first ever suv. It is a mid-size suv and it already turned up in a Super Bowl advert starring John Legend and Chrissy Tiegen.

The exterior design is absolutely gorgeous and they say that the design highlights the beauty of white space. A set of split headlamps gives it an unmistakable presence and its refined crest grille is a perfect centre piece for the front end of the suv. The suv is a luxurious suv with the mantra of “LESS IS MORE”. It boasts of second row heated seats which is ventilated and power reclining. It also has a diamond-like design that reminds us of the Bentley Fling Spur It will have the soft Nappa leather upholstery and some serious audio system. A 22-inch wheel is also an option for the top of the range option.

The GV80 is designed to give you safety while you enjoy technology while you enjoy your ride. You have a remote control as well as a parking assistant called the ‘Park Assist’ which aids parking in tight spots. It has two power unit options; the 2.5L turbocharged engine and the 3.5L twin turbo engine. There is an all-wheel-drive system to give you the best traction possible per time in various driving surfaces. With the power packages that come with the vehicles of the sister companies’ cars, we think we’d stick to the smaller engine with the optional all-wheel-drive package. There is a wide 14.5-inch screen right at the top centre of dash board which means you wouldn’t have to look down to use it.

There are various colour options like the blue, burgundy, black, silver and grey but the one we would go for is the Cardiff green colour with a smoky green interior to match. Pricing information we are hearing is ranging from $50,000 to $65,000 which in our own thinking is good pricing because we know that more established luxury SUVs in this class would cost more thinking of the BMW, Rangerover, Mercedes-Benz et al. it could probably be that this is what Genesis means when they call this “Young Luxury”.

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