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The 23rd day of June, 2022 was the day that the all new Range Rover Sports was unveiled by Coscharis Motors into the Nigerian market. The event had media partners in attendance and we had time to enjoy test driving and riding in the tech loaded luxury land yacht. It is a top of the range luxury SUV which had been since 1970 and Coscharis Motors holds the franchise in Nigeria. It has been a major power and luxury statement SUV for individuals, celebrities and top government officials. You just ride in style, power and honour. This new one is the fifth generation of the Range Rover flagship and I dare to say it is a top of the range in luxury and style while not lacking in tech and power either.

Driving the new Range Rover sport is an experience and I dare say anyone who has the opportunity to enjoy it shouldn’t miss it for a thing. The styling of this new one is totally different and even much more muscular than the previous editions. The door handles are flush and those front and rear animated trafficators are some of the loveliest you will find in the market.

It comes with permanent all-wheel drive system with some smooth air suspension to increase ground clearance. There are computers onboard to read driving situations to deliver the best driving experience possible. Needless to say it would deliver some smooth and luxurious ride while having the capacity to deliver some brute force on demand. Two power options are available; the turbocharged 3.0L inline 6-cylinder engine and the supercharged 4.4L V8 engine delivering 395hp and 523hp respectively and the two power options are mated to the same 8-speed automatic transmission and 4-wheel drive system. The air suspension makes rough road surfaces feel like some cushioned fun – may even tempt you to try running through rough surfaces. There would be no diesel engines or plug-in hybrid powertrains.

The interior as you may have been suspecting isn’t bleak in anyways whatsoever. Pushing the Range Rover sport hard from rest, it would get to high speeds like a nimble sport car and one thing you won’t miss is the fact that you get almost no wind or external noise. It has a noise cancellation system that works through the 35 speakers on board – it basically emits a frequency to cancel out unwanted noise in a way that reminds one of those headphones on an airplane. The Range Rover Sport is a genuine definition of luxury on wheels.

Click this to view the SUV.

The Range Rover Sport has several other vehicles competing with it in the midsize luxury SUV segment; the BMW X5, the Mercedes Benz GLE, Audi Q8 and Porsche Cayenne. The seats are engineered to give you comfort and temperature control and massage. Needless to say that it gives you a high sitting position that gives a view of the road and also a view of people to both the driver and occupants of the Range Rover Sport. There is the long-wheel base option that allows for more room and third road of seats but we do not expect to see much of that in Nigeria or even Africa.

You would find several parts of these other competitors that may capture your attention but most won’t be able to match the Range Rover Sport. Some others vehicle manufacturers like Infiniti, Kia and Hyundai seem to be trying hard to break into the segment and we are interested to see what they come up with per time.

The technology on the Range Rover is top of the range from flat screen quality and graphics to computer aided applications and we are tempted to feel those are too much. However, we hope to hear good feedback from users about this after a few years of use.

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