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Years ago, Bugatti of the Volkswagen group gave us an offering that came with an accumulation of mind bending numbers. They called it the Veyron. It came with the price tag of £1m and 1,001hp, 253mph top speed which we reckon to be at 407kph. At top speed, it makes a hugely thirsty 3mpg which implies that it would dry up its 26gallon fuel tank in 12 minutes. It was said to be capable of reaching a speed of 260mph but was electronically limited to 253 above which stability becomes an issue. Only 300 units were made and it took 15 hours to build one radiator with its 600 parts which were arranged and glued together by hand. Two gear boxes were matched as one may not be sufficient enough to handle the immense grunts and they called it a double clutch gearbox. It was the tippy tops of it and we all thought we could relish it for a while and boom! They dropped another on us with even more mind bending numbers.

£2.5m, 1479hp, 261mph which we reckon to be at 423kph and at top speed, it would empty its fuel tank in 9 minutes. Its water pump pumps about 200 gallons of water around its engine in 1minute. It would do 0-300kph faster than your average hatchback would do 0-100kph and since you don’t expect to find such further down the fiscal food chain, it was made with an almost psychotic attention to detail and without compromise.

We recall that in the 1990s, the Mclaren F1 was the ultimate road car with the price tag of £500k and being the fastest with a top speed of 240 mph which is about 390kph. It was the first carbon fibre bodied car and the engine bay was lined with gold. A new gearbox was developed for it since no existing gearbox could survive the torque from the 6.1L BMW engine. According to Richard Hammond while having it in a drag race with the Veyron, it gets to 240kph faster than the Veyron partly because of its much lesser weight and its better power to weight ratio.

Would this be it from the Volkswagon group or should we look out for another?

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