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Ferrari always has a way of making some serious statements and this time they haven’t failed to make a truly serious one. This is definitely extreme as it is a modern prototype inspired by several previous iconic models. Work started on it since 2015 which makes It the car with the longest development period so far. Well, that is because it is a one-off that has to be truly extreme and both the design team and the aerodynamics team have to work together to create an extreme track car that serves for performance. The reason why the 488 GT3 is its basis and it turns out to be 5cm longer in wheel base than it. What can’t you say about a car without headlights?

Sitting position is at the centre for the driver alone – something that may remind you of the McLaren P1 though it has seats for two, it is a strong reference to the Ferrari 330 P3/P4, Dino 206 S and the 250LM. Muscular wings, the tinted wraparound windscreen and the fact that you won’t find several things that should be on a road going car are pointers to the true spirit of the P80/C.

The headlights seem to be missing which are reminders of the 330 P3/P4 and the rear lights have the same realism as they also look like air vents just like the ones in front. The backside of the car is catamaran style which means a larger part of the butt of the car you buy is missing and that means whatever gear you are running with can be seen. The cockpit of this car seem like an helmet with some sharp angles and all this curves and edges from the windscreen to the windows and the tiny last glass panes just after the door leads to some massive air intake gills. The engine bay has an array of aluminium louvres. A gigantic diffuser sits at the base of the car behind it.

Someone who has some serious love for the prancing horse has pushed for the creation of this and worthy of note is that no such can be done except you have some serious weight in your purse. One issue is that we most likely wouldn’t know the price of this seriously serious creation because Ferrari never discloses the price of its one-offs. The buyer also named the red colour on the car ‘Rosso Vero’.

The car is entirely made of carbon fibre which is left naked on parts that serve absolutely technical functions. All that package is powered by a 660bhp 3.9L twin turbo V8 engine.whatever gear you are running with can be you buy is missing and that means your running gears true spirit of the P80/C

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