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The Garage looking into cars you could have should you be in need or want of a luxury car that is powerful, rear wheel drive, quite fast, quite bulky, comfortable and would give you more face when you need to make an impression. One car that stuck out is the Lexus GS350.


The Lexus GS350 is a midsize luxury sedan from the Toyota group. When you look at the exterior design of this car, you will notice that it looks like a powerful ram ready to charge and it is really powerful with a power unit that delivers 303hp 3.5L V6 engine with an automatic transmission system to match. The car growls properly and sweetly if you want it to while it can easily run silently.

The interior of the GS350 is absolutely intriguing. It has all leather interior and the seat leathers are perforated. You would see those circular designs on the dash and the display looking metallic. It has these sweet Formica on the steering wheel with some leather wrappings, on the gear knob, on the door panel and more generously on the centre console. It has traction control as standard and the audio system has both the 6 cd loader and a cassette player along with the AM/FM radio. A touch sensitive infotainment screen which also serves as a reverse camera is on board.


A key fob comes with it such that you can access your car remotely or you could push some tiny black buttons on the door handles to lock or unlock your car as long as you have your key fob on you. It also has a push start/stop ignition button which means that once you have your key fob on you, all you need to do is simply press your brake pedal and a green light turns up on the button and you can then push it and the car starts automatically. How sweet is that?

It also has a DVD based navigation and the DVD loader is hidden away in the glove box. Several buttons are hidden away from view; the automatic side mirror control, side mirror directional control, gas tank button, boot unlock button and even an automatic rear sun shield which automatically comes down when your car is put in reverse and a few others.

The car is properly spacious both in the front, the rear and even the boot. The rear of the car is really comfortable as the chair angles support comfort. The leather materials are pretty soft and there is an arm rest that carries two cup holders. There are air conditioner vents in the rear to make do for the dual zone air conditioning system. Some door pockets, back door safe and a coin case are also accessible in the rear of the car. There is also these soft white aesthetic lights in the roof of the car in the rear. It is a lovely and powerful car should you be interested in one.

Before you go, identify the car logos:

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