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The world of motoring welcomed the Bentley Continental Flying Spur in 2005 and it came really loaded with some luxury and power in a 6.0L W12 engine. Those 12 cylinders loaded on a ‘W’ cylinder format delivered 552hp and turbocharging was on. It came with a 6-speed transmission system and an All-Wheel Drive to top it up. The outcome was that it had a Vmax of 310kph and the 2008 model had more horses join those already under the bonnet to make a top speed of about 322kph.

This new one delivers motion with its W12 6.0L 626bhp engine that gets you and the massive classic beauty from 0 to 100kph in 3.8secs with its 900Nm of torque and will get you a top speed of 333kph. That is done with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. The sixth gear gets you to maximum speed and the remaining two are gear ratios for better fuel economy.

The new Flying Spur is not low on power and neither is it less on beauty both on the inside and outside. In fact, the face of it speaks power and the interior is so loaded that you wouldn’t mind living from the inside of one. Front end is muscular with a large black grille and some nice LED matrix headlamps with cut-crystal effect. The rear lamp is also B-shaped like the logo itself. There is even an option of a new flying B mascot which is made of a hand polished stainless steel and it has illuminating wings.  The mascot is pointed at from the centre on the bonnet by a long chrome line that lies on the bonnet. It automatically rises once the car is unlocked and at other times, it is hidden below like a submarine under water with the opening covered by the known Bentley badge. It is a machine made with no compromise at all.

The interior is exquisite as you may have been expecting. Handmade Veneers by some really skilled hands. Some stitches that could only have been achieved by some truly highly trained minds. The centre console floats and the wings floats across the dashboard and you have the logo all over the place in the car even on the brake pedal and the gear lever. Wireless charging is available and a twin USB port. There is the Bentley Connected car feature including the Apple CarPlay® (which is not available for all markets), satellite maps and status which are all available through the My Bentley application which implies that your Bentley can be your phone and the dynamics of driving can be set from the head up screen. There is a smaller screen for the big guy in the rear seat which will disappear by the push of a button. It gives access to heating, ventilation, sunroof, infotainment and navigation, all from the rear.

The car carries a serene ambience in its interior atmosphere and the luxury of it will definitely get to you as you ride or drive in it. There are 8 single real veneers and 7 dual veneers. I5 hide colours are also available. There are 3 audio system options one of which is from Bang & Olufsen. The spaciousness is both in front and at the rear. A new glass-to-glass panoramic roof was crafted out and you get options of mood lights and you could set your own custom mood lighting and save it for future use. There is also what Bentley calls the twin-flute seat design which is absolutely attracting and attractive. The seats are perforated and you can tilt them in several ways that may suit you and it will massage you as you enjoy your ride.

A new electric all wheel steering was also incorporated that supports easier parking and maneuvering. You also get four driving modes – Comfort, Sport, Bentley and Custom. There is an optional infra-red night vision camera that alerts you of pedestrians and animals within 300 metres ahead. Drive dynamics can even be set and you view that on the split screen. The wheels are two new 21-inch twin ten spoke alloy wheels and there is the 22-inch Mulliner Spec wheel with two finish options.

If you have some real ‘raba’ and you intend to ride in style and get quite a few heads turning in your direction while feeling fly in a properly cultured safe classic car, this is one of the few options you have.


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