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The new Mercedes Benz E63 is one beautiful machine you always want to consider. Loyal lovers of the Merc will see everything right about this one. It already mixes the aggressive look with beauty so you could call it the aggressive beauty. This offering from the German car maker we bet would fit into several ideas of what a man could want in a car.

Engines, Ride, and Handling

This power loaded machine boasts of a biturbo 4.0L V8 603hp power package under its bonnet. It has a switch board rear wheel drive 4WD. It also boasts a serious launch control which fires into action at 4,000 rpm and the beautiful noise that gushes out of the rear is so heavenly. Driving modes from sport to sport + to race while the comfort mode isn’t missing as well. Getting it to drift is a bit less simple as compared to its direct competitor the BMW M5 as there is a lot more to do to get all the power from the engine directed to the rear wheels. No torque converter for this new nine speed transmission but a clutch pack which presumably will be equally as smooth.

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Interior Comfort

The interior of this beauty isn’t empty as you may have rightly guessed. It is heavily loaded with all the gizmos you would expect and some additional beautifications from the high quality dashboard material and centre console to the beautiful dashboard display and some interior lighting that would want to keep you out and in your car all evening. It guarantees some very high quality rides through wherever you want to push it through as long as it isn’t off road. We would love to say that it is more geared towards sportiness on the inside than comfort even more with the looks of the seats.

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It also comes with several driver assistance features like the active parking sensors, active braking assist, rear view and surround view systems, blind spot sensors, 9-way air bags, 12.3 inches display and some other optional features like the dashboard materials and you could have the badges removed on the side and rear if you fancy that option. It even has rear window shades and double front visors that make sure you are covered from direct sun rays from both front and side.

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