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What great news it can be to Toyota loyalists, especially those who have always loved the performance machine from their beloved brand. The lovers of BMW also always bask in the euphoria of what the cars from their beloved brand can do that many others cannot do or cannot do well.  There is a possibility of mix-matching Toyota and BMW lovers now that something is out with the same soul but different faces and badges.

It is interesting to note that the Toyota has delivered the beloved performance car, the Toyota Supra with its full name being Toyota Gazoo Racing Supra which is Toyota Supra for short. This comes with a turbocharged 335bhp straight six engine with 8 speed shiftable automatic transmission and also flappy paddle shifters behind the steering wheel. It is a front engine rear wheel drive aggressive looking car which means it will be fun to drive and it is even said to be stiffer in body make than the Lexus LFA supercar. The car also comes with two driving modes; the normal and sports.

The 1,544kg car will do 0-100kph in 4.1secs and it will top out at 252kph. All that performance is courtesy of the spirit of the BMW Z4 that shares its engine, platform, transmission system and several other things with the Supra. Though the Bimmer has other engine options like the less powerful inline 4 cylinder 255hp engine that will do 0-100kph in 5.2seconds working the same transmission, it also has the more powerful inline 6 cylinder 382hp and 369lb-ft of torque for the M division cars. The BMW also has more driving modes accessible from the iDrive controller. You get the Eco mode and the Sport plus mode for crazier fun levels.

The infotainment screen and the graphics on it, the steering column, the gear, climate control system and even the key are all BMW except for the badge and the RPM dial which Toyota chose to redesign. The quality inside this sweety is beyond what you get in the GT86 which is the predecessor of the Supra. We’d say on the interior, the Bmw does quite better. Also note that the Lexus IS models too will rock this powertrain too.

Toyota is only making a limited 1,500 units of the GR Supra launch edition an the mirror caps will all be red, rims will all come as matte black and the interior will be numbered with Akio Toyoda’s signature.

If economy in pricing is key, the Supra will come up tops, if fuel economy is key, the less powered Z4 comes up tops, if luxury and power is key, and the Z4 M40i comes up tops with its open roof pleasures. Toyota Nigeria and Coscharis Motors will have to let us know when these fellas will be hitting the Nigerian market.

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