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Image Credit : Bugatti

Ettore Bugatti started the Bugatti Company in 1909 in Molsheim and so much has come down over those years and 2019 is a big year for the company. Bugatti unveils a new hyper sports car into the world of cars for those who value it and the French brand calls it the “La Voiture Noire. Mixing Speed, cutting edge Technology, top notch  luxury, style, quality, performance and aesthetics isn’t something everyone can  pull off which Bugatti does so consistently with their brand and that is exactly what they have done again giving us the fastest car the world knows.

Image Credit : Bugatti

This particular offering is “ONE-OFF” and absolutely handcrafted by some extremely gifted and extensively trained hands which imply that it isn’t cheap at all. The entirety of it is made with carbon fibre with a sweet dark gloss. The engine is a 16-cylinder power house that is no doubt a technical masterpiece designed to wow. It is the signature W16, 8.0L engine with four turbos strapped to it to generate 1,500hp and 118lb-ft of torque and it has six exhausts at its rear which we believe it deserves. Bugatti hasn’t told what top speed it would achieve neither has any performance information given.

This car doesn’t come cheap at €11million which is at $12.5 million without tax and with tax will crank up the number to $18.9million whatever that would mean in Naira especially when the tax is not included. This number may scare a lot of pockets but we guarantee you that Bugatti designs for his loyal customers who can only be satisfied with such extreme machines and as at the time of this writing, one La Voitre Noire had been sold.

Bugatti made some sweet cars from way back and those are expensive classics too. They made the 4-door saloon called the Galibier, a convertible called the Stelvio, a 2-door saloon called the Ventoux and a 2-door coupe called the Atlanté. There were the iconic Atlantics built from a particular concept called the Aérolithe. Four Atlantics were built and none was exactly the same as the other as their coaches were sent to coachbuilders with different specific designs and they had top speeds of over 200kph which also contributed to their becoming icons almost instantly. The second of the four icons was the most legendary and it turned out to be the work of one of the best hands in Bugatti with his extraordinary knowledge and understanding of aerodynamics and a few other things that matter. The fellow turns out to be Jean Bugatti who is the first son of the founder of the outfit and the name simply means “THE BLACK CAR”.

Jean was the designer of the great 57 and the Atlantic GT which was able to achieve 200kph almost 100 years ago. Jean took the reins of the company in 1936 at the age of 27. He was born the same year the company was born. The particular 57 SC Atlantic that Jean rode in eventually got missing and just like the specially custom made James Bond’s Aston, it hasn’t been found till date. Bugatti president Stephan Winkelmann describes La Voiture Noire as automotive haute couture. That being a bold statement is not vulgar by any measure at all.

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