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The new Toyota Highlander comes in loaded as many auto makers are turning up with some quite sporty offerings. The exterior looks like it is of the previous one which implies that it is still the same generation except that it looks much more muscular. More interesting arches that some may find vulgar and it also has an XSE trim which will be the sporty one.

The drive train on the standard model is the same you get on the XSE. They both will run on the 3.5L V6 power unit which will deliver 295hp and 263lb-ft of torque. However, the XSE will rock a new suspension tuned for performance with an aggressive exterior styling to match. A performance-tuned steering will also be available. A chrome dual-tip exhaust also compliments the look. The exhaust tip is basically aesthetic.

The transmission system is an 8-speed automatic for both the front-wheel-drive and the All-wheel-drive suv. We reckon that it would also give a sportier feel with the tuned suspension system. The interior won’t be lacking in technology or comfort. The interior will have contrasting red and black leather seat mix. It will also keep the 3 rows of seats as in the previous model.

This new machine will be available towards the beginning of Q4 of 2020 as the 2021 model.

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