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Volvo Cars to have a top speed of 180kph.

Image Credit: Volvo cars

Volvo Cars, owned by the Zhejiang Geely Holding of China being known to be a topmost car company when it comes to safety. Another one is coming from the Swedish company now towards safety and it is part of their vision for the year 2020. It is aimed at getting zero fatalities and reduction in injuries in car accidents.

 Volvo has always kept up with researches in this line and they have found some areas and apart from driver behaviour, speed attainable by cars also contributes to it. Volvo is hell bent on keeping their reputation as a topmost organization on the issue of car safety. Håkan Samuelsson who is the president and chief executive of Volvo says that while a speed limitation is not a cure-all, it’s worth doing if we can save one life. On this note, Volvo says the top speed of all their productions from the year 2020 will be at 112mph which is 180kph. Note that Japanese cars used to hold this same number and even fast Japanese cars like the GT-R were limited to this same number even though some of them could do faster as they are intelligent enough to know when they get to a race track. Volvo cars had their top speeds between 118mph (190kph) to 155mph (250kph).

One other area Volvo is working on is how smart speed control and geofencing could be deployed such that it could automatically slow down the cars around schools and hospitals. Mr. Samuelsson also said that the company intends to be a pioneer in a conversation on if manufacturers have the right to install technology to change driver behaviour to control things like SPEEDING, INTOXICATION and DISTRACTION. The basic issue here is the fact that in-car safety technology, smart infrastructure designs and any others of such cannot be at their best at certain high speeds.

Speeding being one of the issues being attacked, intoxication is another issue worth all the attacks. Several people still Drive Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs and as dangerous as it is, it is still a reality. DUI as it were is a huge cause of several car related accidents that lead to injuries and fatalities on the road.

Distraction is one other. Many drivers still text away on their phone or even pick up their calls taking away concentration and taking away a hand of the steering wheel which reduces overall control of the car and distraction is what it is. Some nursing mothers feed their babies while driving instead of parking all in the bid to save time and this is a major cause of road accident, injuries and fatalities. Distracted drivers are absolutely similar to drunk drivers in several ways.

Volvo’s electric car line will not be affected by the 180kph top speed issue so if you still want a very fast Volvo, you could get one only it would come with the Polestar badge in its full electric power train. We also intend to get some information about Noble, the super car company that uses the Volvo engine from the XC90 to know what would drive their cars from here on. Volvo Cars will present ideas to tackle the problem areas of intoxication and distraction at a special safety event in Gothenburg, Sweden on March 20, 2019.

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